About ORIO architects

The architectural agency “ORIO architects” was founded in 1999 by Michel Post from a desire to build buildings around people in an organic form. Man and his movement through a building were central to this.

Since then, this love for organic design has made way for a love for organic building material and a building method that creates buildings in an organic way. The shape of the building has become subordinate, and man is more central than ever before.

For the design of Iewan, the largest strobale complex in the Netherlands, we have collaborated with Michel, the largest straw architect of the Netherlands. In view of the experience of straw from ORIO architects, the choice was made quickly. One of the funniest moments of the entire design process: the architect’s speeddates with all 40 future residents, each of whom has invented their own floor plan!


Sustainable cooperation

The “centralization of man” is further elaborated by being actively involved in various sustainable organizations such as the Integrated Bio-Logical Architecture Association (VIBA), the Innovation Center Sustainable Building (ICDuBo), Rail 8 and the Ecollective. Michel is also the chairman of the regional association Strobouw Nederland, an organization dedicated to promoting the building of straw and spreading knowledge about it.

In addition, Michel followed various esoteric courses, with the most important of the 10-year training Transition Energy (TE). Hereby, someone becomes more sensational to the energies of his environment and teaches you how to transform these energies, something that is essential to the way in which ORIO architects are known.

“It was important to us that you were familiar with straw builders and acquaintances in the world. The connecting element was our interest in self-sufficient building. Ecological building is also deep in you, and I felt that. It was a difficult process, but I’m still amazed at how beautiful things are connecting you. All sides of the house are special and do not look like each other, but form a whole. I’m still grateful to you for that.”

Henk Schuring

The principals of ORIO architects

In addition to private clients, more and more collective groups (CPOs) find their way to ORIO architects. Often these are ecological CPOs or people who want to live and live entirely self-sufficiently. There are also more jobs from housing corporations, schools and other agencies for designing ecological public buildings. In addition to new construction projects, we are also looking forward to renovating buildings.