Atelier ORIO architects in Maarssen

Building your own studio is very instructive. Not only do you learn in practice how certain details fit together in organically shaped buildings; it also gives the opportunity to gain experience with different materials. Much use has been made of second-hand building materials such as wooden beams, car tires and windows and doors. In addition, we worked with shells as insulating material for under the wooden floor, straw bales for the wall with clay plaster as a finish and sedum for the roof.

The building is oriented towards the sun in terms of orientation, with a close look at the relationship between private and work. In the garden I did not always want to be reminded of the work that still had to be done and in the studio I wanted to have my focus on the work. The solution was found in a semi-sunken building that protrudes 1.5 meters above ground level on the garden side and has large windows and doors facing the south on the waterfront. In practice, this turned out to be a perfect solution.

A special element of the studio is the “key of life” that is shaped with gems and positioned under the workplaces. This first ring of 6 equal circles forms the first step to form the “flower of life” and symbolizes a universal energy source in which everything we know is contained. A nice anecdote is the growth of plants inside this ring immediately after it was formed, while in the surrounding earth only earth could be seen.

Project Details

Detached studio
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2003 – 2006

22 m2 / 65 m3

Maarssen (NL)

The house with studio has been sold and is no longer in my possession. However, I cherish the experience and hope to be able to build a new studio in the future.

Michel Post