Buitenplaats Zoutelande

A new estate is being built in sunny Zeeland, which is unique in its shape and size in view of its use of materials. It is a perfect example of a building built with natural building materials such as wood, straw, clay and lime, and that refers to a more classic design language in terms of design.

Within an estate scheme it is possible to create a residential destination at an agricultural destination, provided you meet a number of conditions. One is the size of the plot, another condition is that the site must be opened to the public. Before we started building, the client planted a forest with footpaths that fit in with existing walking paths of Staats Bosbeheer.

The complete plan consists of a main building for 3 households, where the watchtower is the central heart, and 2 matching outbuildings. Through a long driveway you reach a square that is bordered by these 3 buildings. Through the gate of the first outbuilding you come to a parking lot, with an adjacent playground for children. The photos show the first outbuilding.

It will take a few years before the entire project will be completed, but everything can already be seen and felt that the starting point is “health and quality”.

Project Details

Outbuilding Estate
Buitenplaats Zoutelande
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2011 – 2016

225 m2 / 1650 m3

Zoutelande (NL)