Organic market garden De Elzenkamp in Voorthuizen

In 2008, Arjen and Else started an organic market garden where they grow and sell over fifty different varieties per year in the Voothuizen region. Part of this is sold in a ‘field store’. The market garden will be moved to a new location 600 meters away from their current location. This creates the possibility for the construction of a large work shed, the ‘field store’ and a house.

The starting points for the new buildings can be divided into two main groups.
The first main starting point is a minimal impact on the environment.
This means:

  • A compostable house
  • Biobased
  • Circular construction
  • Energy neutral / no gas / zero on the meter

The second main starting point is that the budget is minimized:

  • Surface efficient layout
  • Low cost, low maintenance, low tech
  • Structural work is the end product
  • Self-construction as far as possible

The municipality has demanded that all functions must take place under one roof, and from Arjen and Else the requirement is that indoor and outdoor must flow into each other.

Project Details

Work barn with accomodations
Field store with storage
Residential building
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2018 – …

411 m2 / 2500 m3

Voorthuizen (NL)

“After years of dreaming, making plans, writing down wishes and demands, Michel managed to convert all this information and all our thoughts into a design for our home-work-house where we could already walk in our minds, where we could work and what felt right at home. “

Arjen van Slooten