The Green Griffin

The Green Griffin is an organic education and cheese farm in Weesp. The farm is situated in a beautiful rural spot on the Vecht, in the shadow of Amsterdam and in the Green Heart, near the Gooi. In 2012, a sustainable straw bales farm was built, including cheese storage, a shop and reception area.

Distinctive elements are the ascending ridge, the facing façades, the conservatory through which it is possible to move warm air through the house, the clay plaster on the internal walls, the boulders on the floor as if the outside flows to the inside and the burnt wooden facade.

In addition to the use of natural building materials, much attention has also been paid to technical sustainability. This building uses both active installations such as a heat pump; as a passive use of solar and wind energy.

Project Details

Detached villa
Prefab wood frame with straw insulation

2010 – 2012

295 m2 / 920 m3

Weesp (NL)

For me, you are really looking at the actual quality of the materials in every way. In my opinion, Orio is a forerunner. In combination with a good hand for designs, that actually yields beautiful architecture.

Boy Griffioen