Ecowijk Mandora

Building a sustainable future together

An eco-district is being built in Houten with 36 homes and a community center. The district is just past the link in Houten-Zuid in the district ‘Het Hout’ and has been developed in Collective Private Contractership (CPO). Since the beginning of 2015 all houses have an owner and all lots have been sold.

Central to the development of the eco-neighborhood is the concept of sustainability in the technical, ecological, social and financial fields. Our shared vision is a playful division of the neighborhood with sustainable and natural use of materials, good neighborliness and sometimes joint activities with everyone who wants it. But also with room for private and yourself. Parking is done on the edge of the district and we generate energy with natural resources such as the sun and geothermal energy.

Everyone is in need of privacy, but sees the advantages of – together – in an eco-neighborhood – also doing business together, such as the larger green areas in common; purchase certain tools or appliances together; care for each other. The term chosen for this is: good neighborliness. We want to create a cozy and quiet neighborhood, where there is care for each other and we maintain the living environment on a voluntary basis.

Project Details

CPO project
36 homes
1 community center
Sand-lime brick with EPS insulation
Timber skeleton with flax insulation

2013 – 2016

5490 m2 / 17730 m3

Houten (NL)

‘Michel / Orio is probably one of the few architects (/ agencies) who can deal with a multitude of clients as required by a CPO project. The result for the Ecowijk in Houten is a striking sustainable seed district that shows diversity (from apartments to larger detached houses) but also unity in form language, colors and details. The district meets our expectations and often more than that. ‘

Ernst van Zuijlen (chairman)