Bird’s Eye in Hellevoetsluis

Nature explodes

Outside a multitude of green explodes;
even colors of flowers that are increasingly ‘doing’
You almost fall short of senses, so that vibrancy plunges you into a complete euphoria.

People and animals are becoming more and more active
Disturbing yourself to some rain seems like a good plan
Only for a moment, it beats pollen
Breathing freer now, no impediments than more.

Every bloom has its own characteristic time
Admiration does not give any regret
Very nice this time and time again
Returning and appreciating more and more every year.

Dakoyria, 2016

Project Details

Competition Vogelbescherming Nederland


200m2 / 750 m3

Hellevoetsluis (NL)

The design of a building that does justice to the natural inhabitants of the island and at the same time creates an experience for human visitors, requires careful elaboration. A healthy, comfortable space with an inviting atmosphere. An indoor climate that regulates itself. Orientation on the outside. And built in a way that stimulates an ecological environment. 

Creating such a setting requires a multidisciplinary approach.
Social and functional design, landscape-based, high-quality architecture, installation technology, interior and agriculture are elements in the realization of an integral positive, sustainable development; designing an ecosystem. 

Eco-logical thinking, designing and building is necessary.
Starting with the realization that sustainability forms the basis for everyone’s future. But also offers a solution for optimal buildings today.