Hoeve Cortenoever in Brummen

The house is designed from the perspective of integration in the landscape and sight lines between the new buildings on the site. An important component is the framework of the house on the side of the dike. Here the appearance is desired of a quay wall with old stones and romantic barn doors. On the side of the yard the house opens and shows its true ecological nature.

The Breukink family farm is relocated because of the “Room for the River” project. The construction of Hoeve Cortenoever follows after the barn has been built. The company is moved by 600 meters worldwide.

Because of the energetic point of view it was decided to place the bedrooms on the ground floor and to cover them with earth. The warm living areas are placed on the floor. Because these spaces must be accessible at all times and to everyone, a slope has been created that slowly merges into the surrounding landscape.

Project Details

Company house
Timber skeleton with flax and straw insulation

2014 – 2017

330 m2 / 950 m3

Brummen (NL)

“Our dream home, where the kitchen is the heart of the house, with beautiful sightlines about the yard, the stable and the pasture where our cows graze. The house that gives us security, sunlight, warmth, cooling and rest. Our dream home is a solstice in our lives, a new place that marks our lives. We look forward to the moment we can live in it, that this is our home. Thanks to Michel and his team, this special house was born. Our opposite wishes have come into a design. It is a pleasure to see our house grow! “

Jan Willem en Michaela