Lime Hemp residence in Veghel

Laurens and Chantal van Cuijk live in the first lime hemp house of the Netherlands, designed by us. Although the black wooden planks have to be attached to the outside (expected spring this year) the inside is already completely finished. Despite the absence of the “rain peel”, the lime hemp is very good and the material does not need extra protection.

Besides the ecological character of the house, the interior of the house is tight and warm at the same time. For example, the outer walls are finished with a white base loom, a relatively new product that has been on the market since 2016. The floor is a flimsy concrete floor, the staircase is finished with expanded cork, doors are incorporated into the walls as wooden elements and the fence around the void is made of glass. It is precisely this combination of warm and natural materials in a tight combination that gives peace and space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only in terms of position and function, but also because of the large amount of glass and the height of the room, which means that you also have a connection with the above. Because the front of the kitchen has been “pushed out” you have even more contact with the surrounding garden, giving you a nice transition between inside and outside.

With a mixture of mainly lime and hemp wood, external walls, floors and roofs can be built or walls of existing buildings can be insulated. Building with lime hemp is a very environmentally conscious building method. Because of the strong moisture-regulating effect, lime hemp contributes to a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. It is very suitable to build vapor open, it is easy to process, it has the potential to go 3D printing, it does not rot, it does not burn, is energy-saving and has even more advantages.

Project Details

Detached villa
Timber skeleton with lime hemp insulation

2014 – 2016

220 m2 / 770 m3

Veghel (NL)

“That your company is special is paramount.

What we liked so much was that you not only looked at our living wishes, but also at how we are and what fits in with it. With real feeling, together we have come to our ideal home. And that is certainly not a standard house, but a house especially designed and conceived for us. What still feels good for us.
We are also very curious how it will be when we live in it, but are convinced that it will really be our home. ”

Chantal van Cuijk