Heuvelrijk in Boxtel

Anyone interested in ecological building could know the Twelve Crafts in Boxtel. Since the founding of The Twelve Crafts in 1978 they have been engaged in the development of and experimenting with sustainable and ecological techniques. Two concepts are central here: simplicity and self-building.

For the new owners of this special piece of sustainable history, we have designed a modern villa that, contrary to what the exterior suggests, will be built entirely with sustainable and bio-based materials.

The owners carry on the message of the Twelve Crafts, but elevate them directly to a new and contemporary level. Out of respect for nature and the buildings on the site, the building is lifted so that it seems to float.

The website of the Twelve Crafts states:

“Those who learn the techniques of The Twelve Crafts discover that sustainability does not have to be expensive. And certainly not complicated. Our techniques are ideal for self-construction and own maintenance. In addition, you save a lot of energy and water without sacrificing comfort. ”

This is also the way in which this house will be built, which immediately makes it clear that the ecological philosophy does not have a specific form language.

Project Details

Detached villa
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2018 – 2019

300 m2 / 1000 m3

Boxtel (NL)

Nice, that you empathize so good.
What you describe is exactly what we had in mind, but then we came on a rectangular box (so not exciting).
Ideally, we would indeed like to enter the garden from the bedroom, but we did not know yet how that could be realized. Nice to make something exciting with loose elements / carport!

Hein and Nicole