Lot 39 / House “Bastiaan en Paulien”

During the very first conversation, the clients took a large scale model to show how they saw their own home. An elongated house, based on a hexagon with a particularly playful roof. The complete interior was already conceived and although they were open to ideas from our side; it soon became clear that these were people who knew what they wanted. “Obviously” it has become a completely different house, but it shows how the process went well.

The challenge in designing this house was not so much the translation of the wishes of the clients, but more to get their schedule of requirements within the set budget. It was asked for a playful house, built with natural building materials and where there would be an energetic separation between the parents’ bedrooms and those of the children. Especially the inside-outside feeling was considered important.

Fortunately, the clients were realistic in their wishes and in the design process they have thought a lot in certain solutions. This has resulted in a particularly fun and playful home that will be partly built by themselves.

Project Details

Detached villa
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2016 – 2018

158 m2 / 538 m3

Almere Oosterwold (NL)

“The enthusiasm for his profession is unmistakable, he radiates it, and gives you the confidence that something beautiful will come of it anyway! Michel collects all your images / fantasies and puts them together in order to get an even better picture. what you are looking for, then he dreams tirelessly with you, but ensures with as much tirelessness and tenacity, that your ‘dream home not become a castle, but that nice home is where you can really go live. “

Bastiaan en Paulien