Earthship with 2 holiday homes

This innovative and challenging project involves the construction of an earth house with two outbuildings, recreational housing, using a so-called Reciprocal Frame Structure (RFS). After more than a year’s research and a study by Eindhoven University of Technology, we can conclude that the RFS is perfectly applicable as a construction form, but that the theoretical underpinning is difficult. Fortunately, we have found a solution for this in close consultation with the municipality of Slijk-Ewijk. We can first build the construction of the house and then make the constructive calculations and deliver.

In contrast to an earthship, this is a home that will become part of the landscape. It is therefore not a building in the traditional sense of the word. Apart from the external appearance, it is of course a home that will be entirely self-sufficient.

An important starting point is the light from the south versus the visibility of the dike and the wish of a green oasis. The conservatory / patio is an outdoor space that will be placed in the house and will be an important part of the spatial experience, but will also bring the desired light into the home. The construction of tree trunks will remain visible as a visual net, with the straw bales on the underside being finished with clay plaster.

Project Details

Detached house
2 holiday homes
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2014 – 2018

180 m2 / 600 m3
60 m2 / 200 m3

Slijk Ewijk (NL)

“The moment I got to know you has had a big impact on the realization of my dream wish. Through your open mind and empathy, you were immediately able to turn my rough ideas into a visual language that touched me. By seeing my wish and vision as unique and not falling back on variations of previous deliveries, a process could arise in which there was room to explore “wild” ideas and eventually to achieve a great design.  

The creation of the design felt like a common discovery. By thinking outside the standard frameworks and involving others in the process, a kind of driven creative think tank was created in which you were the (re) binding force. Artists, scientists, professionals in various fields at times seemed to be all infected with the reciprocal virus.

 We have been working on the design for almost 2 years, which, due to its uniqueness, has also created the necessary challenges and setbacks but of which the ultimate goal is now in sight. One thing I know for sure, no other architect could have shaped my dream wish in a better way. I feel that you have become a friend and an inspirator. I hope that you can guide many to the realization of their dreams.”

Eric Bossink