Lot 35.001 / House “Jaap en Joanne”

“We want a house where we do not feel the heaviness of everyday life. A place where we feel our light and 1 with the universe. The house must be spacious and light with a deep connection to the garden. ”

With this dream began our search for an ideal home for Jaap and Joanne. We have found the solution in the “Flower of Life” where the house and the garden form an integral whole.

All homes that we currently design in Oosterwold are being built within a construction team approach with Strowonen as contractor. Quality of living is an experience. This perception is formed by spatiality and use of space, experiencing ‘beauty’ (aesthetics), relationship inside-outside, user quality and indoor climate. A home must fit: with residents in their life phase, in the environment and with the available financial resources. Now and in the future.

The focus on the concept of sustainability has been the last years for reducing energy consumption. We think sustainability is about user quality, energy efficiency and careful handling of the environment.

According to Strowonen, sustainability is:

  • Healthy and comfortable living (good air quality, draft-free, non-toxic, pleasantly warm and cool)
  • Generate energy and use building materials without fossil components;
  • Reduce energy use and generate as much as possible yourself;
  • Careful handling of water;
  • Long-term use / enjoyment of the home (life-course-proof / reclassifiable);
  • Little and safe maintenance;
  • Application of natural materials (produced / transported with as little energy as possible / reusable).

Project Details

Detached villa
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2016 – 2019

181 m2 / 700 m3

Almere Oosterwold (NL)

“This has really become the home we dream of, with beauty and lots of light and space. Where in so overflows outside. It’s nice how Michel has processed the sacred geometry in every detail and always felt what we all meant more. “

Joanne en Jaap