CPO project Pentacle Homes

Initiator Corrie Vonk returned to the Netherlands with a dream. Homes that are fully attuned to people in terms of language and use of materials. Healthy bio-ecological dwellings inhabited by people with the same kind of belief. This formed the beginning of a group of people who jointly developed the Pentacle houses in a Collective Private Commissioning (CPO).

Characteristic of all houses is the 5-corner, also called pentagram. This forms the basis of the foundation, where the pentagram forms the basis for the position of the inner walls. Because in the pentagram the “Golden Ratio” is present, and the Golden Ratio occurs as a ratio in everything we observe in nature, this forms the connecting element.

Project Details

Collective Private Contractor
7 detached houses
Timber skeleton with flax insulation

2007 – 2009

200 m2 / 700 m3

Zeewolde (NL)

That you stay on the same wavelength. Your enthusiasm, you have fun in your work and that you notice Your personal pleasant approach, you leave everyone in his / her value. Listens carefully to the wishes of your client / client. You have an eye for the possibilities and impossibilities of your client / client. Thought, and also come up with surprising ideas yourself. You demonstrate your expertise, but also where you have no expertise and can refer you. Your view of the world, taking into account nature and striving for sustainability. You pursue good quality work

Sjaak Dekker