Experience Garden Boskoop / 24 care units Gemiva-SVG in Boskoop

At the location “Proeftuin van Holland” in Boskoop a building will be built that will contain 24 care units for Gemiva-SVG. Gemiva-SVG Group is for people who need care or support because of a disability, chronic illness or other disability.

Located in the Green Heart of the Netherlands, centrally located between the big cities, is a unique location for recreational and nature educational activities. Boskoop, traditionally the center for the floriculture sector, houses this project. The Proeftuin van Holland is an informative and educational center for and on the floriculture sector for professional use and with recreational opportunities for the consumer.

The strength of the combination of care needs and the presence of green, provide optimal conditions to bring people back in their own strength. The shape of the building, the use of materials and the logical routing from and to the building all contribute to a healthy living environment where it will be wonderful to stay.

Project Details

Care homes
24 care units with support
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2017 – …

1650 m2 / 5,500 m3

Proeftuin van Holland / Boskoop (NL)