House “Solstice” in Peinder Mieden (Lot 43)

On the edge of the village of Opeinde, near Drachten, lies a beautiful agricultural landscape of 87 hectares. The area is characteristic of this part of Fryslân: a green and semi-open landscape with meadows, interspersed with tree girdles and water.

Up to 44 buyers will have the unique opportunity to live in nature. They become, besides owner of their own lot, also – as a group – owner and manager of the surrounding landscape. Residents decide for themselves how the buildings of the area will look like. There is no prosperity test.

The name
The name De Peinder Mieden refers to the Frisian name of Opeinde; De Pein. Mention refers to the former function of the area south of Opeinde as hayfield. An area that was mostly under water in winter and only suitable for cattle grazing and haymaking in summer.

The assignment
Rob and Florien wanted a house that was light, spacious and high, playful in design, with optimal contact with the surrounding nature and where the building would blend into the landscape. The result is an “Earth house” where the living area is completely transparent and where the other rooms are included in a green hill. To prevent overheating in the summer a pergola has been placed in front of the south façade, which in the summer will be covered with edible plants such as grapes and kiwis.

Project Details

Detached house
Timber skeleton with straw insulation

2016 – …

170 m2 / 680 m3

Peinder Mieden / Drachten (NL)

We ended up with ORIO, because almost all the houses we like are designed by Michel on the internet. Michel understands what we are looking for. The cooperation is very pleasant. We look forward to the moment we actually live in this beautiful house, in this magnificent place.

Rob en Florien