First Panel Yurt in the Netherlands wiht FULL wood

In America, the idea arose in the 1970s to give the well-known nomadic yurt or ger a more permanent character. The basis was a circle that was divided into repeatable segments, also called panels. This was the creation of the “panel yurt”. The Panel Yurt is characterized by a pull ring on the underside of the roof and a pressure ring on the top. As a result, large spans can be made without the need for columns. The pressure ring at the top of the roof creates an opening that is often finished with a light dome.

Apart from the special roof construction, this house is built with a FULL wood wall system. In Austria, in the winter months wood is cut down with a waning moon. This means that no more sap flows are present in the tree, making the wood insensitive to moisture, warping and vermin such as goat. This wood is called “moon wood”. 40 years ago, Holz100 started to make of this wood panels where the connection consists of nothing more than a wooden pin. No foils are used, no glue and no screws to make these wall elements. The insulation consists of wood fiber insulation that is attached to the solid wooden walls on the outside. The walls of this house are the first in the Netherlands that have been built in this way.

Project Details

Detached villa
Solid wood (moon wood) with wood fiber insulation

2007 – 2009

220 m2 / 700 m3

Epe (NL)

In 1 word …. Special 

Harald Koll