Residence Henk Schuring

A zero energy house of up to twelve meters high will be built at the Rietkamp 2 in the district Het Onderdijks. The striking house will be built with straw, making it the highest straw house in the Netherlands. As a residual product of agriculture, the material is environmentally friendly and has an optimal insulation value. Yet the house will in no way resemble a stable or straw hut. The inner walls are made of clay plaster and the outside is provided with dark brown lime plaster.

Inspired by the famous “Falling Water House” by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Henk Schuring initially planned to build such a design. “But of course it had to fit in with the image ambition plan of the municipality and that had plans for the neighborhood to build tight and in height.” It will nonetheless be a special home, where, like in the 1930s, Wright’s house , a stack of terraces and continuous glass strips are used.

“I have chosen to collaborate with ORIO architects, who are not unfamiliar with energy-efficient building and sustainable materials. It is intended that the neighborhood, which is very appropriately called “De Hoogte”, will look contemporary. Just like the model house, this refers to organic architecture in which people are central. Balance is very important, especially the balance between work and life.

Project Details

Detached villa
Passive House
Prefab wood frame with straw insulation

2006 – 2009

345m2 / 1190 m3

Kampen (NL)

For us it was important that you were familiar with straw construction and had acquaintances in that world. You also had your folder with drawings with you during the introduction. That did not quite fit, but the connecting element was our interest in autarkic building. Ecological building is also deep in you and I felt that.  

It was a difficult process, but I am still genuinely amazed, how beautifully you connect things to each other. The idea to raise the roof by 1 meter was mine, but the great continuous line from the roof edge along the conservatory to the balcony edge is yours.  

I still look at it with pleasure and always tell people that this is a reason to choose an architect.  

All sides of the house are special and do not resemble each other, but form a whole. I am still grateful to you for that.

Henk Schuring