Villa Kerckebosch

This detached villa is built according to the principles of bio-based building and is a good example of organic and energetic architecture. The shape of the building is motivated by the clients and the location where we have tried as much as possible to maintain existing trees. With the low side of the roof the building is on the road; with the high side the building ‘opens’ towards the forest.

In terms of material use, natural materials such as wood, flax, wood fiber, clay and lime have been used as much as possible and the roof is covered with sedum and slate. In the home no foils have been used, making use of the natural moisture absorbing capacity of the organic insulation material and the clay plaster. In terms of technology, use has been made of ClimaRad radiators, underfloor heating, a heat recovery system and a closed ventilation system.

Project Details

Detached villa
Timber skeleton with flax insulation

2013 – 2016

475 m2 / 1250 m3

Zeist (NL)

What I find particularly special is your design / form language in the first instance. Your enthusiasm and inspiration with regard to different / ecological building has also played a part in the choice for Orio. Now that we have been working for so long, your involvement, your empathy, has been noticed as very strong quality. You are able to translate our wishes into an image / form in which you can also connect our sometimes divergent wishes. And all that with unstoppable optimism and confidence!

Caroline Egbers