‘t Luye Gat

This modern villa shows that ecological building can also look very modern and sleek. Although the clients initially wanted an organically-designed residence because of the relationship with the surrounding garden, it became apparent in the elaboration that a court design allowed nature to come into its own.

The house derives its name from ‘t Luye Gat; a water that runs around the lot. On the street side, the façade is quite closed, on the garden side, and with it the waterfront, it is very open so that you have the feeling that you live in the garden. Characteristic is the thatched roof, the stone plinth and the transparent open facades at the ends. Also the through-frames in the thatched roof are beautiful elements, but it looks like a “traditionally built house”.

What you do not see are the prefab elements filled with straw, the heat-back-win unit, the gray-water system, the heat boiler, the clay plaster on the inside, but above all the warm feeling that this house gives.

Project Details

Detached villa
Prefab wood frame with straw insulation

2010 – 2012

295 m2 / 920 m3

Bussum (NL)

For us, the most important point is that you learn what your clients want and design from there. As an architect, you try to fit your style and knowledge into the wishes of the clients. As a result, you as a client feel that the architect is listening to you and that he is complementary to the wishes of the client and makes an architectural translation.

This is just as quickly our characteristic for Michel Post of ORIO architects, besides the aspects that you are close to nature, have an eye for a green and healthy environment, and are a friendly and competent person!

Kolijn van Beurden