Villa Kakelbont in Rotterdam

In the Rotterdam Zevenkamp district there is a large playground “Taka Tukaland” which recently received a new redesign.

In addition to the new Villa Kakelbont, children from various BSOs and the Lodgehouse Zevenkamp have participated in a participation project of De Wolkenrijders. Together they have determined how the new playground will look like. The residents’ initiative Wollenfoppengroen & Co also looked at the tree plan so that the playground is an attractive place in all seasons.

Several partners are housed in the building
For example, a BSO will be installed in the left-hand area and in the right-hand area, the Orion Foundation will make packages with natural products that are sold to residents. The middle part of the building is the playground. Of course we organize very nice and educational activities there again.

For children with and without restriction
The playground is designed in such a way that children can play with each other, with and without restrictions. The merry-go-round, where you can enter with and without a wheelchair, and you can still have fun with each other is still there. There are also paths created so that you can get anywhere with your wheelchair and therefore do not have to miss anything.

Project Details

School care
Neighborhood store
Timber skeleton with flax insulation

2013 – 2015

200 m2 / 700 m3

Zevenkamp, Rotterdam (NL)