ORIO architects

The architectural firm ORIO architects (= ORganic Intuitive Design) is known to design aesthetically beautiful and constructively sound buildings that match the needs and the unique perspective of you as a client. We do not design from our own perspective, but it is from your perspective that a building is created.

Our buildings arise from a joint creative process, where we find it essential to get to know you as a client. We value personal contact and cherish your dreams.

“The moment I came to know you had a big impact on the realization of my dream wish. Because of your open mind and empathy, you were able to transform my still rough ideas into an image language that  touched me. By seeing my wish and vision as unique and not relegating to variations of previous performances, a process could be created in which there was space to explore “wild” ideas and eventually come to a great design.”

Eric Bossink

Every human being is unique

Where the one is attracted to organic shapes and sprawling colors, the other feels comfortable with tight lines and white surfaces. The essence is, however, that you feel comfortable in a beautiful but especially safe environment, but more importantly, the building is a reflection of you as a client and supports you in your daily life.

“Michel Post has been the one who perfectly translated all our personal living needs into a “Dream of Strobales”. So I usually say to journalists and acquaintances: this house was built by “the Johan Cruijf among the architects”, crazy creative, but taking into account what is possible and feasible.”

Ronald Salters

Every space is unique

Just as every human being is unique, the use of each space is unique as well. One bedroom, for example, is not just a room in which a bed is available, but it can also be a space that is optimized to retreat after a long fatigue so you can fully relax.

Not only do we understand this fundamental difference; We also know how to create such spaces and understand how to accommodate these spaces with your personal needs and from your personal perspective.

“Our dream home, where the kitchen is the heart of the house, with beautiful sight lines over the yard, the stable and the meadow where our cows graze. The house that gives us security, sunlight, warmth, cooling and rest. Our dream home is a solstice in our lives, a new place that marks our lives. We look forward to the moment we live in, that this will become our home. Thanks to Michel and his team this special house has been born. Our opposing wishes have come into being. It’s a party to see our house grow! ”

Jan Willem en Michaela

Holistic design approach

If the body is the temple of the soul, then a building is the temple for the body and the garden the temple for the building.

A good design creates a protective environment in which the energy of one temple can flow to the other temple. In other words … the energy of the house can extend to the boundaries of the garden. We therefore look not only at the building, but integrate it from a holistic approach to its surroundings.

In addition to designing buildings, we can also design energetic gardens and often work with people who followed the “Feel Good Gardens” course.